Oww, my leg.

So, among other issues I have been dealing with in this pregnancy- kidney infection, migraines, a hospital stay, kidney pain etc. I now have the pleasure of experiencing very painful leg cramps in the middle of the night. I'm not talking a little bit of muscle stiffness, this is "Stop everything you're doing, and brace for dear life" kind of pain. The first night was last weekend, Matt left VERY early in the morning to go hunting, so at least I didn't wake anyone but the dogs with my screams of painful terror. Last night was the second round of having them... mind you, at 3 o'clock in the morning. This morning's bout with leg cramps, unfortunately, woke the entire household- including the beta fish, I'm sure. I think Matt thought I was in labor. He jumped up, grabbing for me in the dark to see what was wrong. Poor guy... I yelled at him when he offered to rub my leg. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!! Just find me some pillows, and find them FAST!" haha. I try not to be over-dramatic when it comes to things like this, but let me tell you, this pain rates right up there with kidney stones. Good thing it doesn't last as long though. They say bananas help with the frequency of these things. You can bet I will be rocking some bananas in my cheeks like Curious George for the next month and a half after this morning...    

Getting to know the Pearce Family

So, here I am, setting up a blog site. With a new baby on the way, we wanted a way to document all the little things that are in our future, because let's face it, I am a whole lot better at doing this kind of stuff on the computer as opposed to scissors and paste for scrapbooking. We might have a slow start, but I assure you, once Little Miss Sutherlynn Grace is born, there will be lots of pictures and updates... babies grow so fast!

Speaking of Princess Pearce, she has positioned herself right on Mommy's bladder, and it is making for one uncomfortable afternoon. Regardless, all the kicks, weight gain, bloating and swelling will be worth it in December when we get to meet her for the very first time. 

With all that being said, I will introduce you to the member of the Pearce Family Palace. 

Meet Sutherlynn Grace... we are 31 weeks and 6 days today. Shown here at 20 weeks, she was trying to suck her thumb!

 Meet Mommy... Shown pre-pregnancy and pre-hair cut crisis.

Here is Daddy (Matt to everyone else)... This was taken right after I had a bunch of blood work done at the lab, and he turned so pale you could almost see through him. We had to take the poor guy to eat afterwards.

Meet 'Beetle'... although her real name is Miss Millie. A plump, very spoiled, OCD, red dachshund. She is Mommy's girl.

And, finally, here is Curtis, our very old, itchy, scratchy, stinky, hairy Black Lab. We still love him though.

So, there we all are. We hope you enjoy our blogs to come! And don't be too critical of my misspellings and sometimes bad grammar... I'll try to do good, I promise.