It's been a while

Wow. Had to take a small break after the arrival of Princess Pearce. We are adjusting at home, and I am enjoying my time off to be with her. So, here are the details:

On December 26th we were blessed with a healthy delivery of a 7lb, 12oz., 19" long baby girl. I had to be induced, but it all worked out in the end. I was in labor for about 8 hours, and pushed for about 45 minutes. It was much easier than I thought it ever would be. Breast feeding is coming along quite well, and I am loving the cloth diapers so far. If I could just get her evening schedule in line, we will be set. I was blessed with an infant that had her days and nights mixed up! But things are working out.

The medical bills have starting pouring in, and every day I am scared to see the mail lady pull up to our box! Soooo, we'll be in a little medical debt for a while. I think I'd rather have a new car, but I wouldn't trade my baby girl for the world, even when she poops on me. :o)

It's nice to finally bid farewell to 2009, and as we start the new year, it just gets better and better. Big things are coming, and I'll keep you posted! :o)