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Let's just start with the very bane of my existence. Enter this guy:

9 ounces of Avent HELL.

They leak from the seal, they leak from the nipple, and the nipple sizes are TERRIBLE, especially when dealing with rice cereal. Let's not forget about the contribution it made to the Princess getting reflux. At 10:00 one night last week I was steam cleaning my couch to get the stomach bile and regurgitated formula off before it had a chance to get into the fabric... that is, AFTER both of us got our second bath for the evening and put on fresh clean unvommitted (yes, I know that's not a word) clothes. That was my last straw. In the midst of my temper tantrum/ rant, I told Matt I was going to buy new bottles PRONTO. Of course, that didn't mean at 10:00 pm- I mustered enough patience to wait until my lunch break the next day. 

Mind you, these feeding systems aren't cheap. I figured as much as the Avents cost- they should function a little better than they did. WRONG.

Fast forward to the next day. Enter this guy:


12 Ounces of Born Free HEAVEN

It was an immediate fix. Sutherlynn's temperament and disposition were much happier. No more reflux, no more raunchy man-like burps, and HALLELUJAH no more leaking! $75.00 later I am one happy woman with one happy baby girl! 

While shopping around for a new feeding system, I noticed- you know, bottles just aren't very pretty. A light went off in my head, and out comes my BlackBerry to text my ten year old niece. I made plans with her for the very next day to make these:


I figured what ten year old girl doesn't have fashion beads? It was a fun bonding project for both of us. Here are some pics of us having our girl's night-in of jewelry FUN!

Sutherlynn gladly supervised...

And yes, I am in my PJ's, and my house was a mess :)



Barbara Clore said...

AND you wouldn't trade Motherhood for anything in this whole wide world. Nice touch to the bottles.

Kati said...

We struggled with bottles too when I switched bella at a year old from breast to bottle. Except for my problem was I could find one that she liked. She was the picky one. I bought the (at the time) most $$ ones and the only ones that actually worked for her was the el cheapo $1.00 plastic bottles! It blew my mind but I loved it!

I think the Bottle beads are soo cute & its a great idea! I had never heard/seen them before! Great job on them! You should look into selling!! =)

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