Ring the Alarm

So, yesterday when I got up to get dressed for work my water broke... or so I thought... or maybe yet it did. Yes, there is no doubt I lost some amniotic fluid. So, I got up, went to the bathroom, and calmly sat back on the bed and called my husband (who of course didnt answer- we knew this was going to happen), my sister, and the doctor. I took my time, spent 3 hours at home dressing myself, putting the finishing touches on packing my bag and giving Miss Millie some goodbye loves. By that time, Matt called me back, went back to work, got his truck and made it back home. We left and went to MWH Labor and Delivery. They quickly took me back, got me undressed and on to the bed where they checked my progress and swabbed me for any remaining amniotic fluid... and a big fat NEGATIVE came back. I was mortified because I bet that nurse thought I was nuts. But she nicely explained to me that its a possibility that the baby's head sealed the leak (my water didnt actually break- just a leak) and that if I cleaned up prior to coming to the hospital (which I did) that it was very likely for the swab to come back inconclusive. She had me lay there for a while in the event I leaked some more, and she would recheck me. After an hour, and still no progress, she sent me home. I was upset, disappointed, and just very down. Matt and I headed home and took a nap for a while, then headed back to town for a 4:00 appointment with my OB/GYN. She checked me with a speculum, and admitted there was some moisture and I am now almost 2cm, and oddly enough I had low blood pressure (usually it would be high around this time). She agreed with the L&D Nurse that the baby's head likely sealed off any leak, and I didn't lose enough amniotic to warrant being induced, so she sent me home for business as usual. 

You can bet I had one confused little pupster when we got home. She knows that we aren't coming home when we walk out the door with our luggage in tow. We came and went 3 times yesterday, and she had a fit each time. Definately a big break in her routine. But here I am, back to business as usual, no baby yet, still wondering when the big birthday is coming. Seemingly yesterday's big deal had to be some progress... just not enough to make Mommy happy.  



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