My First Anxiety Attack as a Mommy.

Oooohh... so where do I begin? After being back to work for 2 weeks, my Childcare giver "Nana" has decided to discontinue keeping Sutherlynn. She has some health issues that prevents her from giving Sutherlynn 100% of her total attention. I am very sad by this, it was a very ideal and convenient situation, not to mention I know and trust Nana. 

So, I began my babysitter seeking adventure this morning. I do not want to put Sutherlynn in a large chain daycare just yet, so I am confining my search to licensed in-home care givers with 1st Aid and CPR Certifications. Talk about ANXIETY! The thought of putting my baby girl's life into a stranger's hands completely freaks me out, regardless of their credentials. You wouldn't believe the amount of tears I have shed over the last two days. Hopefully it will be a very temporary situation. If all goes well with Matt's new job, I won't have to worry about finding child care at all. *fingers crossed*

I placed an ad on Craigslist seeking such an individual, and you would not believe some of the phone calls I have received! While many seem like very qualified individuals, others make me want to hang up the phone, call the police and call this whole thing off and just grin and bear it on one income (Matt's).  

Annnd, in the optimistic news department, Sutherlynn is really starting to develop her personality! I see huge changes every day, and it makes me so sad to see her growing so fast already! All at the same time, I am SOOO excited to see these changes and to explore what "The Future" holds for us each day. Her smile is worth a million dollars to Mommy, and I melt every time I see it, even if it is at 4:00am. 

She has started "talking"... well... cooing. I get so excited when she 'talks' to me. I am not sure what we are talking about, but its by far the best conversation I have ever had with anyone. During playtime, we introduce one toy at a time for a few minutes, and to see her little legs kick so fast in excitement makes me so proud.

Here, she is hanging at home with Mommy and Daddy last Saturday afternoon after a nice visit from Nanny and Grandaddy. I didn't think to take the camera out and snap some shots from their visit. :o(

I LOVE her leg warmers. So fun, so cute!

I need to get back on track with my picture taking and blogging. I don't want to miss a thing! I need to be able to look back on all this when I am 90 years old with tennis balls on my walker! 

There is nothing like a love between a Mommy and her baby. I love cuddling at nap time, even if only one of us is napping. I get to steal all the kisses and smell her hair all I want then! 

Till next time,


Carly said...

I went through the same thing when Noah's daycare said they were closing, I couldn't imagine sending Noah to someone else after a year, but things have a funny way of working out. They ended up not closing and Noah's still happy as can be. Noah's at a group daycare, and I was really anxious about it at first, but I love it now, he's learned so much! It will all work out!

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