It's Baby Time

Yet another picture post. We dolled up Sutherlynn Grace's nursery and celebrated our First Anniversary in the same weekend... which is also the weekend I was released from the hospital, AND my sister's and best friend threw our Baby Shower! So, don't laugh at my painting pictures, I was in no mood to get pretty to paint! ;o)

This is me laying in the hospital bed. Sutherlynn was all strapped up to her monitors, and I certainly had plenty of time to kill... so I took a picture.

And yes, I painted in a sports bra, I was HOT! And I just noticed- I really must be addicted to my Blackberry, it never strays too far from me!

One VERY curious pupster. Probably wondering why we are going in and out of this rarely used room all of a sudden...

Daddy unwrapping and putting together some of SGP's furniture. What a mess that styrofoam packing makes!

Her crib. I PROMISE I will post more pics of her room, but I want to find the perfect shelving and have some other details done first.

The top tier of our cake... and it really didn't taste the same after one year. Looks a little abused, but it was still fun to attempt to eat.
Clearly we don't feed each other often.

Me and my Memaw at the Baby Shower. There are more pics on my Facebook if you'd like to check them out.

Admiring SGP's gifts. :o)

This cake was sooooo good!


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