A VERY rainy update!

It's official. Matt is not allowed to take the camera out of the house anymore... Well, once we FIND it, that will be the new rule. haha! He took it with him last Friday and Saturday to go deer hunting, annnnd he didn't come home with it. I have needed it at least 3 times since then, and have had to rely on my BlackBerry for a camera. Let's just say that with a whole 3.1 megapixels, I really would like to find our digital camera, and soon.

Not much is going on in Princess Pearce world. Except alot of anxiety and nervousness. Time is winding down, and it is all becoming very real, very quickly. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but to just think that in 4-5 weeks, we will be parents is very scary! To me anyway. I don't think it has hit Matt yet. And if it has, he is handling it VERY well. Every night he rubs my belly and talks to Sutherlynn. But let's not forget the occasional poke and "honk honk" that goes along with it from a man who is fascinated with a big baby belly. I sure do love him though. He is my rock, my partner, and my very best friend.

We've had two days of pretty intense rain because of tropical system "Ida" along with a low pressure front off the coast, which has stalled both systems right over top of us. We live in a lake community, and the water level was already pretty high from a previous rain event. We have to cross the dam and emergency spillway to get to our house, which can be very intimidating when you are crossing it because the water level is actually at eye level- meaning the rest of your warm, healthy body is below it. So this morning, as I travel to work, I noticed alot of car traffic traveling the opposite direction. It wasn't until I reached the dam, did I realize what I was dealing with. I drive a 4Runner, so I knew I wouldn't have a problem crossing, so down I went! (Isn't this where Murphie's Law usually takes effect?)

Sorry for the picture quality- again... gotta love 3.1mp!

This is an area which, during dry times, has a small leak. Today, it's looking like it could fail any time. Being in the engineering business- seeing something like this really got my adrenaline going!

This is where the riser in the lake daylights across from the spillway. It was like a river torrent. Very neat to see, especially when you are in your vehicle, as the water is rushing beneath you.


The riser structure (for overflow like this) in the lake was taking all the water it could, hence the outcome of the next picture... when water doesn't have anywhere else to go, it's going to find its own way. So it did- right over the dam wall (no pun intended)! To my right (not shown), where the water was ponding, it was an easy 6" of raging water trying to make its way to the outlet area.

So, that was my excitement for the morning! Hopefully next time, we will have more pictures to share... at least with better quality!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! And I feel the anticipation with you as your due date comes closer! I hope all is well....and I will be making a trip to VA soon!


Stefanie said...

Oooo, just wait until you go home this evening. The rain isn't supposed to let up until sometime tomorrow night.

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